A Lesson About Easy Scholarships For High School Seniors

If you have recently graduated from high school and are looking for scholarships to apply for then you came to the right place.   Now ideally, we would like all of these scholarships to be hassle free and super easy but since this is such a broad subject (scholarships for high school seniors) we will be including a lot of different options for incoming college freshman to pay for their college tuition.  And by golly, make no mistake, you will need some help with managing those rising college expenses.  You have probably already discovered this, but in case not, college is expensive.  Some of these options will include: financial aid, free scholarships, grants, easy scholarships and general scholarships for high school seniors.

Free and Easy Scholarships For High School Seniors

We figured that we would start with the easiest scholarships first, free college scholarships.  This educational offering that we have learned about does not require you to live in a certain state and the whole sign up process shouldn’t take longer than two to three minutes, tops. However, probably the coolest thing about free scholarships is the fact that they offer a pretty sweet payout.  Well, if you survey our website you will find a number of them.  Often they are defined by the ease in whicy you can apply….we are talking online applications.  Or it could be that they do not require you write a manuscript of an essay, hopefully none at all.  These prospects are there if you know where to look.

Financial Aid For High School Seniors

We feel that acquiring financial aid should be one of the top priorities for an incoming college student looking to cut his/her tuition in half. Financial aid fits this bill completely as anyone who applies for it will usually receive it. Now, the best part of financial aid is that it is literally as easy to apply for as the free scholarships offered above. Of course, it will take longer but it is definitely not rocket science. All you have to do if you are truly interested in applying for financial aid is visit FAFSA and complete the free application that can be downloaded right from their site. Completing the FAFSA application can actually open other opportunities for scholarships for you such as Pell Grants. However, you must visit your counselor first to determine if you are eligible to receive the Pell Grant.

Exploring More Scholarships For High School Seniors

As a senior that just graduated from high school you are eligible to apply for a lot of great grants. This section of the page is going to show you some of your options when it comes to applying for scholarships for seniors. Enjoy!

  • AFSA Essay Contest- There is nothing like a good old fashioned essay scholarship. AFSA is offering up to $2,500 and a trip to Washington DC for the winner of this contest. There are actually quite a few application requirements so we decided to leave a link here to the actual contest site so you can see them from the source.
  • Dell Scholars Program- Brace yourself as this is one of the biggest scholarships that we have on this site. The winner of the Dell Scholarship will win $20,000. To the best of our knowledge over 250 of these scholarships are awarded each year which means that this particular program hands out 5 million in scholarship money to deserving students. Visit the site to submit an application and learn more.



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