Lone Star Scholarships For High School Seniors In Texas

Going to college can be one of the most meaningful and influential periods in a young student’s life.   If you are currently a senior in high school everything may feel like its rushing at you.  Perhaps you are still making some decisions on where to go.  Possibly, you are preparing now to take your SAT.

By the time one is a senior in high school, they may be taking the ACT and SAT for the second time.  Texas has many fine colleges and universities.  Being Texan born and bred, I speak from authority.  Rice, University of Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas State University, and the University of Houston are some of the outstanding colleges in the Lone Star State.  Attending any of these schools is not cheap by anybody’s standard.

Depending on whether one is living on campus, the first year college expenses for in residence students is approximately $20,000 a year.  So the topic of scholarships for High School Seniors in Texas is both timely and exceptionally important unless you are already independently wealthy.

So what is one to do?  Where is one to start?  My suggestion is to start with the end in mind.  You want a scholarship, right!  So lets get started

Scholarships For Texan High School Seniors

When individuals start looking for a scholarship, they often wait a bit too long to get this important process underway.  It certainly helps to get started early.  But whether you start early or late, the most important success factor is apply for many scholarships and there are many out there to choose from.  Let me try to put this in perspective because it may be the single most important thing you read on this page.  Take student A.  Student A is bright and has participated in a number of academic competitions and is in the top 10% of his high school class.  Student A feels pretty confident that he will get a scholarship.  Most of his friends and even some of his teachers have told him as much.  So Student A embarks on his scholarship hunt and applies for 9 scholarships.  He takes great care to complete the application correctly and several of them have essay requirements and Student A feeling pretty good about that because he has very good writing skills.  In fact he is quite the story teller and has won a literary competition with an essay.  So High School Student A (from Texas) has completed all of the applications and waits for some good news.

Then we have High School Senior Student B, also from Texas.  Student B is a pretty solid student with consistent results academically.  Student B will be graduating in the top 50% of her class.  She is likable, active in many clubs, and plays volleyball.  Her nickname is “Speedy”.  Speedy was advised by her grandfather to apply for every scholarship in the big state of Texas.  Her grandfather thought big.  So while she did not apply for every scholarship in Texas, she did apply for 27 scholarships, some with payouts as little as $500 and others with much higher payouts.

Who do you think fared better?  In these kinds of matter, the Principle of Many” almost  always takes the larger prize home.   For every 10 scholarships one applies for, approximately 1 is awarded (more or less).  So its really pays to do you home work and come up with a lengthy list of scholarship leads.  As you look around our website, you find many ideas, so please take advantage.  Here are few we cover in this article:


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